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Get that Money: New Overtime Rules Go Into Effect in December

By Jada Haynes

On December 1, President Barack Obama and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez’s Final Rule to update the current overtime standards will go into effect. What does this mean, and how will it mesh with the workplace pressures people are feeling now?

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Undocumented College Students Fight for In-State Tuition Through the Supreme Court

By Jada Haynes


Osvaldo Bastida is trying to pay for college. However, he has no grants, no financial aid, no chance for federal work-study and one scholarship from his high school cross-country coach. With an employment authorization card, he’s only allowed to work, not claim citizenship.

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Running from Home: Georgia State Student Fled Syria as Refugee

By Jada Haynes

Photo by Jason Luong | The Signal


Nour Alkhalouf, a 19-year-old Syrian refugee, left her country by herself in October of 2010. When asked what life in Syria was like before the refugee crisis, she said the citizens were “always scared.”

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Poverty Stoplight Gives Power to the People

By Jada Haynes

Poverty Stoplight, a tool developed by Martin Burt’s Fundación Paraguaya, is a survey app improving the lives of impoverished people around the world by helping them plan their way out of poverty.

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Flooding Displaces Patton Hall Residents

By Jada Haynes


On November 1, Georgia State University resident assistants (RAs) started warning residents to get all their electronics off the floor and unplug everything. Patton Hall was flooding. Not long after the warnings, water began seeping under closed doors and students put towels down to no avail.

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MARTA Unveils New Safety Initiatives

By Jada Haynes


It’s common knowledge around campus not to go to MARTA stations at night. However, for those who commute, visit family, or feel like taking a day trip, the many stations provide a simple solution. In an attempt to help the patrons feel safer, the MARTA Police Department (MPD) has plenty new safety initiatives at work.

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Inhabiting a Language: How Language Changes Your World

By Jada Haynes


With over one million words in English, it’s hard to think of the language as limiting. However, there’s evidence to show language’s effects on human perception. This effect is known as “linguistic relativism.”

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Better Safe Than Sorry: Why Comprehensive Sex Ed Should Be the Standard

By Jada Haynes


Most parents want what’s best for their children. Parents strive to provide for all their kids’ needs – sometimes their wants – and guide them to safety when danger is imminent.

Why is comprehensive sex education any different?

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Georgia’s Governor Vetoes “Religious Liberty” Bill

By Jada Haynes


After much criticism and many companies stating they’ll leave the state, Georgia’s Gov. Nathan Deal announced on Monday he’ll veto House Bill 757, also known as the “Religious Liberty” bill.

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